About EuforY

Full title: Horizons of Moldova’s European Union Integration: Realities and Perspectives

Acronym: EUforY

Reference number: 619953-EPP-1-2020-1-MD-EPPJMO-PROJECT

Project Start: December 2020

Duration: 24 months

Beneficiary: Moldova State University (MSU)

The EUFORY projects aims to contribute to formation of a more coherent and visible EU policies towards Moldova by improving understanding of political collaboration, human rights protection, youth education, and deepening economic and trade partnership both within academia and beyond it.

Project objectives:

1) To foster cooperation and to involve wider public, especially academia and youth from North, South and Centre regions of Moldova in a social policy debates regarding human rights, rule of law, good governance and democratisation in order to promote security and stability in Moldova;

2) To increase knowledge of the target groups on the progress achieved by Moldova within the EU – MD AA and new EU trends in the field of education and research;

3) To boost the level of familiarisation of wider public in Moldova, in general, academia and youth, in particular, on the EU trade policies issues towards Moldova;

4) To improve understanding regarding the EU of the actual development problems and tendencies beyond the stakeholders directly and indirectly involved;

5) To support the professional development of young researchers and professors ready to integrate good practices and new EU subjects into didactic programmes and initiatives that activate in MSU and beyond it through ERASMUS+ Jean Monnet;

6) To improve the involvement, raise awareness and inform the wider public on the possibilities offered by EU financial instruments (ex: ERASMUS+, HORIZON2020/Horizon Europe, etc).